MCU Aromatics

MCU Coatings has a full range of products, including primers, intermediates and finish coats, as well as high-heat products. Typically, MCU Mastic and Miomastic can act as both intermediate coats and finish coats for interiors with non-UV exposure and tanks. MCU Ferroguard can also serve as an intermediate and a finish coat. Aromatic moisture cure will slightly yellow and, similarly to epoxy, is not recommended for exterior finish coats.

MCU Aromatics can be used for interior tanks, such as ballast water, drinking water, all fuel types, sewage and mud pits and tanks. They are generally applicable in PH values between three and nine, up to a maximum constant temperature of 80°C.

The key here is that MCU products remain inert when cured, with excellent adhesion and flexibility so they will not become brittle and crack over time. One anti-corrosion primer and one coating type can service most of a platform or a vessel, and fast turnaround can be achieved with QuickCure.

MCU coatings adhere well to all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, will insulate to eliminate elctrolysis from dissimilar metals and are compatible with anodes.