Pipeline coatings

Oil and gas structures are exposed to the most extreme environmental elements from coastal to desert regions. Complex production plants and structures are affected by abrasion and chemical attacks from sand, salts and chemical attack by acid / alkali fumes and salt complexes. In addition, crude oil and refined products are affected by extreme temperature variations from freezing to high heat.

With only a few of MCU Coatings products, all these different areas can be protected instead of 20+ various different products and thinners typically needed with traditional coatings. The same MCU primer is applicable for all areas and an MCU Coatings system provides more than double the life cycle compared with traditional coatings.

Sweating and frozen substrates

Specific for gas plants’ sweating and frozen substrates, MCU Coatings allows you to paint these areas without shut down. Even application on 100°C hot surface is possible with MCU Miozinc HT.


Pipeline interiors and exteriors are easy and fast coatable in two or three-layer systems. Smooth, durable, flexible and abrasion-resistant coatings will protect your pipelines in the long-term.

Our liquid insulation coating of up to 3mm in a single application to reduce surface temperature and eliminate sweating will be available in 2014.

In addition to protection, MCU Coatings systems offer the easiest application available:

  • Can be applied at high humidity (up to 99% RH)
  • No dew point restriction on visible dry surfaces (day and night application possible)
  • MCU Miozinc tolerates ST2 and ST3, UHP and abrasive prepared surfaces
  • Application in cold weather down to -15°C and steel temperature up to 70°C
  • Superior impact and abrasion-resistance
  • Excellent long-life flexibility, resisting structural flex
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • Application down to 20 minutes using QuickCure
  • Faster project completion time at lower implementation cost on any project that has to deal with weather restrictions
  • High-heat coatings up to 650°C