MupHydro emerges as a cutting-edge, smart, programmable digital hydrophone and recorder meticulously engineered to excel in long-term underwater deployments. With the capacity to accommodate up to four hydrophones and ambient sensors, each unit embodies versatility and adaptability, catering to a myriad of applications in underwater acoustics and subsea monitoring. From acoustic event detection to subsea noise measurements and even permanent underwater monitoring for industries like oil and gas, underwater security, and biological research, MupHydro stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the marine domain.

At its core, MupHydro boasts a rich array of technical features designed to elevate performance and flexibility. With a standard acoustic sensor bandwidth spanning from 10Hz to 100kHz and an optional 200kHz version available upon request, MupHydro empowers users to capture a broad spectrum of underwater soundscapes with unparalleled precision.

The integration of two ADC channels, each capable of independent gain and filtering settings, enhances versatility and customization, enabling users to fine-tune their recordings to suit specific requirements. A software-controlled hardware high-pass filter, with adjustable cutoff frequencies ranging from 5Hz to 700Hz, provides further flexibility in signal processing, allowing users to isolate target frequencies with ease.

Furthermore, MupHydro features a low-pass eighth-order anti-aliasing filter, with the cutoff frequency independently adjustable on each channel via software. This sophisticated filtering capability, coupled with additional fourth-order high and low-pass digital filters, empowers users to precisely sculpt their recordings, extracting meaningful data with unprecedented accuracy.

The hydrophone also offers software-programmable analogue gain settings, with a range of 1x to 15x available on each channel, further enhancing sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. Built-in self-test capabilities and system health monitoring ensure continuous reliability, providing users with peace of mind during extended deployments.

With local data storage options, including up to 32GB uSDHC and an optional 1TB external SSD, MupHydro offers ample storage capacity for long-term data logging. Additionally, onboard sensors, including a triple-axis accelerometer/magnetometer (compass) and external pressure and temperature sensors, facilitate comprehensive environmental monitoring, further enriching the depth of data collected.

Moreover, MupHydro features power consumption monitoring and duty cycle functionality, which is ideal for battery-powered deployments where energy efficiency is paramount. Combined with high-fidelity, ultra-low noise analogue amplification and digital conversion circuits, MupHydro stands as a pinnacle of performance and reliability in the realm of digital hydrophone technology, empowering users to unlock new insights and discoveries beneath the waves.