NIBRON SPECIAL® is the flagship of Columbia Metals’ alloy range. It is a superb engineering material, specially developed to provide a combination of high-performance engineering properties not found in any other alloy. It is one of the highest-strength copper alloys available with good levels of ductility. This, together with its excellent corrosion resistance in both marine environments and a large range of aggressive industrial media, has resulted in NIBRON SPECIAL becoming the material of choice in many demanding applications.

NIBRON SPECIAL is resistant to hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking and both pitting and crevice attack. The alloy retains a useful level of strength up to temperatures of around 250°C and is not prone to embrittlement at sub-zero temperatures. It offers high wear resistance and exhibits good anti-galling characteristics in many applications.

Although it is harder than normal bronzes, NIBRON SPECIAL is readily machinable and is used in a wide variety of demanding applications. These include high-strength bolting and critical subsea components employed in aggressive offshore environments, hydraulic components, landing gear bushes and many other critical engineering components.

Related specifications: DIN 2.1504, DTD900/4805.