In the oil and gas industry gaseous nitrogen is used in a wide variety of applications to decrease fire or explosion risk or avoiding oxidation. Some of the applications are:

  • Instrument panel inertisation
  • Flare header purging
  • Pipe line and tank purging
  • Storage tank blanketing
  • Dry gas seal
  • Inerting tubing

In many cases the nitrogen is supplied from nitrogen bottles which are easy available. However, these bottles need regular filling. In case large capacities are required, or at remote locations onshore and offshore, the regular transport of nitrogen bottles is not only difficult but also costly and time consuming. In those cases nitrogen generation packages are used instead. Geveke Pompen designs, builds and supplies nitrogen generation packages based on hollow fibre membrane technology. The packages are available for purities from 95% up to 99.5% and pressures up to 13 barg.

The nitrogen generation packages are including air compressors, filters, instrumentation, automatic valves, control panels, buffer vessels, gas boosters for cylinder charging and nitrogen bottle racks. The packages can be installed in safe areas as well as hazardous areas.