rosen group planning

When managing an offshore asset, even the smallest inaccuracy could lead to severe consequences.

Reliable information on an asset’s integrity status is critical to speedy decision-making so that safe and efficient operation can be guaranteed.

Our asset integrity experts possess decades of experience. Inspection and assessment projects around the world give us unique insight into what works and what does not.

We can audit existing systems to identify gaps in order to help define and implement a best practice.

With a unique combination of expertise, practical experience, and digital solutions, we can:

  • Develop robust risk-based inspection programmes
  • Define state-of-the-art corrosion management strategies
  • Complete complex wave in-deck analyses
  • Evaluate anchor snagging
  • Identify and predict corrosion growth
  • Calculate flexible pipe fatigue life
  • Identify repair and rehabilitation options
  • Ensure robust anomaly management.

Whether you require high-level procedural and organisational definitions or detailed action schedules, our services allow operators to achieve effective and sustainable asset management.