Over 40 years, Olmsted Products has become a leading worldwide provider of specialty high-flow, high-pressure hydraulic valves and control systems for a wide variety of industries. Olmsted products include:

  • High-speed relief valves: very high step response (10ms or less) and high flow capabilities to allow pressure control for any high-pressure hydraulic system
  • High-pressure ball valves: designed for flow shut-off and very durable for industrial use. Hydraulic, manual and electric operation
  • Prefill valves: fills and exhausts the main cylinders on large hydraulic presses. Pilot-operated to open and close
  • Check valves: allows free flow in one direction and blocks flow in the opposite direction. Piloted and non-piloted operation
  • Directional spool and regenerative valves: controls direction of cylinders and motors. Manual, pilot operation, direct-acting
  • Accumulator discharge control valves: controls the discharge of stored fluid from accumulators. Direct-acting or pilot-operated
  • Flow control valves: controls the rate of fluid supplied to an actuator. Direct-acting, proportional and servo-controlled
  • Proportional and servo valves: infinitely positioned directional valves for speed control of actuators with spool position feedback. Electrohydraulic operation
  • Pressure control (dump/overload) valves: limits system pressure or regulates pressures in various portions of a circuit. Direct-acting, pilot operated, adjustable
  • Flow shut-off valves: normally open valve that automatically closes when the flow reaches a predetermined value. Automatic operation
  • Cartridge valves: pressure, flow and directional control valves available. Direct-acting, proportional and servo-controlled. Two and three-way