FRIATEC began more than 20 years ago to develop ceramic components for magnetic inductive and capacitive flow measurements (e.g. ceramic sensor with platinum electrodes). Flowmeters are often exposed to extreme stress such as high pressures, temperatures, chemicals and abrasive particles and have to be made of high performance materials. Through a constant and close cooperation between ceramic producers and instrument manufacturers and through research for several instruments generations in materials, design, geometry and jointing Friatec has developed and optimized perfect oxide ceramic materials and design solutions.

In comparison with other materials FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® oxide ceramics offer major advantages such as:

  • Corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Abrasion resistance of abrasive media
  • Form stability due to high E-modulus and low thermal expansion
  • Inert to food and pharmaceutical products
  • Approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration), NFA (Swedish Food Administration) and BGA (BundesGesundheitsAmt)
  • Easy to clean (CIP, SIP)
  • Low specific weight (about half that of steel)

FRIATEC flowmeters offer long lifetime with a minimum of maintenance and downtime.

The products is manufactured by FRIATEC AG, Mannheim, with over 50 years experience of technical ceramics. Sold and marketed in the Nordic countries by Glynwed AB.