Aquasign® subsea markers are traditionally installed onto their respective equipment prior to deployment to reduce costs and simplify the fixing process. However, in some circumstances topside installation is not feasible.

Inspection and maintenance programmes may highlight damage to identification markings, incorrectly installed signage or an absence that needs to be rectified. In these circumstances, cheaper alternatives such as plastic nameplates are often installed, however without anti-fouling properties they eventually become obscured by marine growth and therefore impact subsea intervention operations.

In response to the market, AQUASIGN has developed two new retrofit fixing solutions designed for ease of operation using minimal equipment and personnel. Replacement costs are also reduced as signage can be installed in situ rather than recover the equipment topside.

Both solutions are manufactured in-house using polycarbonate, offering an extremely tough and durable solution as well as additional protection of the Aquasign® as the sign is recessed within the framework. Polycarbonate has been independently pressure tested to 700Bar (10,150psi) without any noticeable deterioration, and approved in temperatures between -51°C and 132°C.

Subsea magnet, inspection point marking

Aquasign-KISS® markers are supplied pre-bonded to a polycarbonate frame, housed with permanent Neodymium 45 MGOe rare-earth underwater magnets, which have a holding force excess of 100lb. The design is completely customisable and can include a handle to assist ROV sign installation.

The range is an ideal solution for deepwater operations suitable for basic ROV tooling and multiple installations. Magnets can also be used for inspection point marking, ensuring monitoring and testing can be done in the same place quickly and efficiently with clear identification.

Underwater spring clip, pipeline retrofit markings

Spring clip fixings are used to retrofit Aquasign® subsea equipment labels onto tubular-sectioned objects.

The Aquasign-KISS® marker is adhesively bonded to a polycarbonate subsea spring clip panel, which is custom-manufactured to the specific circumference and pushed over the section to secure.

Further information on Aquasign® is available from our client portal.