ABLE is the exclusive UK representative for Rheonik Coriolis mass flow meters capable of withstanding vibration, abrasion and corrosive media, as well as full design pressure without secondary containment.

With flow rates as low as 0.03kg/h and meter sizes up to 12in diameter, all mass flow applications on liquid, gas or sludge can be achieved.


  • Unique Omega tube design mass flowmeter
  • Increased wall thickness, no need for secondary containment
  • Measurement of liquids and gas
  • Flow rates from 0.001 kg/min to 25,000 kg/min
  • Diameters up to 12in / DN 300
  • Pressure over 890 bar, temperature from -200°C to 400°C
  • Available in EEx ia IIC – EEx de IIC (ATEX and CSA)
  • Fiscal approval (OIML R117)
  • Available in stainless-steel, hastelloy, tantalum and others