ram luffing knuckle boom crane

The ram luffing knuckle boom (RL-K) crane series from Liebherr was developed especially for the oil and gas industry. The unique design of the knuckle boom reduces the working radius and increases the flexibility of the crane. This type of crane is available in two different sizes and lifting capacities of up to 300t.

With the addition of a subsea winch and the active heave compensation system (Heavetronic), the RL-K can be used as a subsea crane. Both are developments from Liebherr and fully integrated in the Litronic control system.

Liebherr has also special equipment such as different pipe grabbers and load manipulators for handling pipes and lines in relation to oil and gas extraction systems for the RL-K.


  • Overturning moment: from 4,200tm to 7500tm
  • Main hoist capacity: from 50t to 300t
  • Boom length: from 30m to 55m
  • Slewing range: 360° unlimited
  • Drive system: electro or diesel-hydraulic