L3Harris’ AGEOTEC ROVs combine a pioneering set of features that reflect the company’s more than 20 years of coastal and offshore construction expertise. The ROVs comprise various underwater vehicles whose advantages include:

  • Versatility and customisation
  • Easy to use and control even in the most adverse conditions
  • Fast data transmission
  • Low maintenance due to accompanying spare parts and high-quality features

Some of the L3Harris’ AGEOTEC ROV models include the AGEOTEC ROV SIRIO, which is tailored for high-speed mobilisation, launch and recovery, the AGEOTEC ROV ANTARES, which offers optimal flexibility, the AGEOTEC ROV LYRA for a top weight-to-power ratio, the AGEOTEC ROV PERSEO for multi-tasking (there are also models such as PERSEO PLUS and PERSEO GTV for inspection and maximum performance), and the AGEOTEC ROV PEGASO, which features optimal performance and effectiveness.

Calzoni is a subsidiary of L3Harris Tecnologies, inc.

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