Sea Chest Covers of any size and depth can be delivered by Miko for any vessel.

Hull curvature, sea chest grid arrangement and other data are taken into account for the design.

The threaded rods are equipped with hooks at the bottom end that lock onto the sea chest grid and keep the cover firmly in place. By tightening the wing nuts, the rubber gasket is compressed slightly and an initial watertight seal against the hull is created.

When water has been pumped out on the inside and the pressure difference is acting on the sea chest cover, the rubber gasket will be compressed further. The springs under the wingnuts maintain a constant tension in the rods as this happens, by compensating for the movement of the cover. This means that the divers do not need to go back and re-tighten the wing nuts after emptying the sea chest.

Miko’s Sea Chest Covers will keep the sea chest dry throughout the entire operation.