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Miko Marine

Miko Marine is a specialist in the use of magnets for offshore and marine applications.

The company is active in the marine and offshore market with both maintenance and marine salvage operations. It designs and develops tools and services to improve safety, efficiency and effectivenesss during operations.

Specialised equipment for marine salvage

Using tried-and-tested patch technology and marine salvage experience, Miko Marine ensures a quick response to emergencies such as collisions and groundings. The company supplies the right equipment and expertise for provisional, but dependable, hull repairs.

Miko Marine’s FlexiShape Miko Plaster is used worldwide for temporary hull repair in marine salvage opertations. The patches are protected from sharp shell plating edges through layers of aramid fibres and the material is flexible to fit around hull curvatures. The rubber stripes along the edges help enhance the seal when fixed to the hull surface using the Underwater Fastener.

The company’s Salvage Kit contains underwater magnets, various sizes of the FlexiShape Miko Plaster and supplementary tools needed for the installation.

Marine salvage equipment is stored at Miko Marine’s warehouse and is ready to be deployed anywhere at any time.

The company’s product range includes the latest ROV support tool for stabilising, anchoring and fix-pointing applications.

Magnetic patches for sealing leakages

With 17 years of experience from using its Miko Plaster® magnetic patch and a large network of marine industry experts, Miko Marine supports its clients with operational services according to their individual needs.

The Miko Plaster magnetic patch is designed to keep water outside and oil inside. The sealing patch has been delivered to hundreds of clients worldwide, both in emergency and for planned underwater operations such as in-water repair and survey.

The Miko Plaster has been developed into several sub-types while new tools have been introduced such as the series of Miko Permanent Magnets and the Miko Anchor Magnets.

Underwater magnets as fastening and anchor points

Miko has supplied nearly 17,000 of its magnets worldwide for a wide variety of applications. The magnets have a holding force ranging from 90kg to 2,000kg and have a multipurpose function as a fastening tool during subsea and marine operations.

Miko’s range of applications vary from fastening items such as diving equipment, anchor points and guide wires for divers to securing instrumentation, including acoustic transponders to subsea structures.

The stronger magnets are used for fastening large objects such as oil booms or other types of heavy diving equipment to attaching lighter vessels, for example a pilot boat, barge or similar, to the ship side or to the rig leg.

The neodymium magnetic component of the magnets are coated with epoxy to improve their corrosion resistance in seawater. They are equipped with a mooring lug and breaking lever for easy release and safe operation. The bottom of each magnet also contains a rubber filling which creates increased friction and improved usability.

Emergency and repair kits for hulls, rigs and tanks

Miko Plaster®, magnets and supplementary tools required for installation are offered in assembled kits for different emergency and repair purposes. The kits are pre-packed and stored ready to be sent anywhere in the world at short notice.

Miko Marine has developed and demonstrated a new package solution called Tank Sealer Kit, to be used on land-based tanks. A typical application is a fuel tank damaged by a colliding vehicle with oil spraying out on the plant. Quickly applied and easy-to-use, the Tank Sealer Kit can avoid major oil spills.

Pipe closure plugs for maintenance and repairs

Miko offers both standard and customised plugs for sealing pipes during maintenance or repair.

The pipe closure plugs are expansion components for sealing pipe openings below the water surface. They are used for planned operations during maintenance, in-water survey or repair, emergencies and marine salvage operations.

A watertight seal is established against the inside of the pipe by closing the turning bar, pressing the aluminium disks together and expanding the soft rubber rings. The crossbar prevents the plug from being sucked in. The through-bore and valve (exception: Type A) enable the pipe to be flooded before removing the plug.

Remote-operated vessel (ROV) magnets

The Miko ROV-magnet is optimised for ROV-use and has a holding force of 750kg.

Featuring no cables or wires, the magnet has a 100% mechanical on / off function that enables gentle handling of painted subsea installations, fragile wrecks and other underwater steel structures.

A modular design allows for several advantages, including:

  • Compatibility with all common types of manipulator claws (parallel, three-finger or four-finger)
  • An interchangeable fixing bracket, so clients can choose the most functional bracket for the job
  • Connectivity with more ROV-magnets to increase the holding force while maintaining the simple on / off functionality, making it ideal for stabilising a work-class ROV or for heavy subsea lifting
  • Low delivery time on customised solutions

In order to meet a growing demand for ROV magnets, Miko Marine has developed a switchable magnet optimised for a broad range of operations.

The Miko Switchable ROV magnet has a holding force of 750kg and its typical areas of usage includes:

  • Stabilising ROVs (welding inspections etc.)
  • Underwater lifting operations
  • Temporary storage of ROV tools
  • Fixing-points for lights or cameras

Combined with a high-quality pressure compensator, the stainless-steel (SS 316L) housing ensures that Miko’s ROV magnets are corrosion-resistant and usable at all depths.

About Miko Marine

Miko Marine was established in 1996 with the aim of using a magnetic patch for stopping seawater leaking into a floating vessel or to stop oil leaking from the vessel into the sea. The basic idea is ‘to keep oil inside and water outside’.

Based on the Magnetic Miko Plaster, Miko Marine is currently a supplier for marine and offshore markets with a focus on environmental protection, maintenance and repair.

Miko Marine’s client base includes commercial shipping operators, oil companies, government organisations, diving and underwater operations businesses, in addition to tug and marine salvage services, insurance provision and oil pollution authorities.

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Miko Marine AS

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