Backfilling on coastlines

Zeta backfills eroded coastal areas using a technique that involves laying new filling from the sea in order to create a new coastline. We reshape the coastline using mechanical equipment on land.

River works

Zeta takes on organizing river water works, such as:

  • Construction of sloping or reinforced concrete banks
  • Reshaping and resetting eroded banks
  • Containment of watercourses, with dykes and waterfalls
  • Cleaning of river beds
  • Reconfiguration of river mouths
  • Temporary elongation of river mouths in order to take fresh water currents away from the coast

Marine works

Zeta provides targeted measures for the protection and development of coastal areas.

Lagoon works

Works performed mainly within the Venice lagoon.

The main activities carried out are:

  • Defense from high water by protecting lagoon buildings
  • Defense from breaking sea by rebuilding beaches and coastal dunes
  • Signal maintenance along the navigation canals of the Venice lagoon