Zeta specialises is coast defence, canal dredging and excavation, and environmental morphology services for the offshore industry.

Coast defence services

Zeta’s coast defence services include tidal barrier construction and maintenance, shore protecting works enhancement, tidal flow regulation, canal banks maintenance and shore refilling operations.

Canal dredging and excavation services

The company’s canal dredging and excavation services consist of seabed excavation, canal reprofiling excavation, disposal / confinement of dredged sediments and excavation / transportation of contaminated mud.

Environmental morphology and special works

Environmental morphology services cover naturalisation and requalification of the environmental morphological structures, as well as mooring pile driving.

Zeta carries out a range of coast defence services and special works.
The company provides canal dredging and excavation services.
Environmental morphology services include mooring pile driving.
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures high-quality performance.
Load tests in progress for Liebherr 8300 installed on Maria Vittoria Z.

Zeta’s special works include:

  • Environmental restoration and protection works and plants
  • Buoy placement and retrieval
  • Marine salvage
  • Exceptional maritime transportation
  • River transportation

Certification for maritime works and dredging operations

Zeta was UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2005 for its Quality Management System. Quality certification confirms the company’s constant and increasing commitment to continuous improvement, not only in technology and organisation, but also in the services offered.

Zeta possesses the EURO SOA (Italian certification body) certificate for the 0G7 category ‘maritime works and dredging operations’, which is necessary for participation in public tenders.

Health and safety for the offshore industry

To protect the health and safety of Zeta’s employees, a specific organisation and management model was implemented in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decrees No. 231/2001 and No. 81/2008 on health and safety in the workplace.

Zeta is registered with the Italian National Board of Environmental Managers, which enables the company to offer its customers transportation and disposal operations.

It is registered under the following categories:

  • Collection and transportation of non-hazardous special waste produced by third parties
  • Collection and transportation of hazardous waste