To meet your needs, Pilgrim can adapt a hydraulic bolt tensioner from its standard range, or design and manufacture a tailor-made design tensioner. This tensioner’s operating principle stays the same, but new components and functionalities can be integrated.

Adapted from a standard bolt tensioner

The standard range of bolt tensioners can be adjusted by adapting the brace, skirt, turndown socket or reaction nut to your application’s specific characteristics.

Tightening control-command with a bolt tensioner

The association of motorization and automation techniques with the Pilgrim HYDROCAM® hydraulic bolt tensioners meets the high tightening accuracy, uniformity and safety requirements.

Indeed, thanks to the command, regulation and control systems it is possible to adjust, to within one bar, the pressure in the tensioners, to automate nut turn down on each bolt and ensure simultaneous or remote tightening.

The handling phases can also be automated and included in the machine’s operational process.

Types of automated functions

  • Controlled pressure increase
  • Turn down/up of the nuts to be tightened
  • Automatic piston return
  • Control of piston travel
  • Measurement of stud elongations
  • Continuous measurement of the tightening force
  • Stud screwing and unscrewing