Self-adhesive underwater labels

In a bid to ease the installation process for our customers, the standard fixing specification of Aquasign® is our high-performance solvent-free KISS® self-adhesive tape.

Superseding previous adhesive fixing solutions, KISS® removes the need to apply adhesive to the back of the maker, reducing the installation time by 75% with a simple peel, stick and seal method. By opting for adhesive, the silicone identification marker maintains its flexibility, ensuring Aquasign® is suitable for most substrates, even tubular ones.

For additional protection, KISS® can also be supplied with customisable holes and washers, offering a subsea bolted solution.

Single RTV adhesive subsea sealant

KISS® has a 60-year performance guarantee of when combined with our single component non-hazardous subsea glue, Biohesive® 225.

Biohesive® 225 must be applied around the edges of the marker to create a watertight seal, ensuring corrosion protection and a bond that is up to 30% stronger subsea.

Our underwater adhesives provide adhesion in a wide temperate range (from -65°C to 300°C) and have excellent-resistance to natural ageing, which can be caused by UV weathering and salt mist.

SHIELD™ II identification frame

Aquasign® identification markers are silicone-based, therefore may be damaged if exposed to excessive force. However, our new range Shield™ II offers enhanced tolerance from accidental damage; diver/ROV retrofit installations / jet washing protection; by encasing the marker in a frame.

Polycarbonate is utilised to provide an extremely tough and durable solution and can be customised to the application with a bolt, cable tie or self-adhesive fixing solution.

STRAPPED – pipeline markings, umbilical tags

Aquasign® is a flexible solution to meet every application. For large tubular or cylinder structures, Aquasign® can be supplied pre-bonded to PVC/TPU strapping material and installed using our Q-Band/Q-Clip System or Cable Ties.

Further information on Aquasign® fixing solutions is available from our client portal, including downloadable datasheets, testing reports, installation guides and videos.