Aquasign® is an oil-exuding marker system that guarantees anti-fouling performance for up to 80 years.

Aquasign® has an exceptional and long lasting resistance to marine bio-fouling, making it ideal for high-visibility identification, orientation and positional markings. The underwater marker system is environmentally friendly, as it does not utilise toxic biocides or metallic compounds unlike traditional methods of marine growth prevention.

Our technology is unique; it has a hydrophobic marker face with a surface energy that can prevent settlement at the lowest level of fouling. Additionally the sign encapsulates a controlled oil-release system to replicate the secretion of oils through fish skin, and it is this oil reservoir that gives Aquasign® its lifespan. Extended trials were conducted to prove the anti-fouling performance of Aquasign® across the globe with sites in the UK, California and Asia. Reports are available to download from our client portal.

AQUASIGN’s underwater signs have been used in the oil and gas industry for three decades. These products have been used on more than 800 oilfield projects globally and have been third-party verified for offshore performance, making them the premium subsea monitoring solution for oil production engineers and designers.

Aquasign® subsea signs are produced to our customer’s project requirements; however certain characteristics are standard unless otherwise specified:

  • Thickness: 3mm – 30-year anti-fouling guarantee – increase thickness for a longer guarantee
  • Background colour: Solis® UV-Stable, signal yellow
  • Fixing solution: KISS® self-adhesive
  • Character colour: black
  • Corners: curved 8mm radius

Aquasign® can be manufactured in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to meet project specifications, including intricate valve tags to complete ROV panels. See our Fixing Solutions & Retrofit pages for information on our innovative installation methods.
Markers can also be supplied with integrated RFID or bar codes; AquasignPlus™.

Further information on Aquasign® is available from our client portal, including specifications, downloadable datasheets, testing reports, installation guides and videos.