Miko’s Tanker kit has been proven to be a cost-effective alternative to drydocking.

It is used world-wide for in-water repair or survey of floating structures.

Miko Plaster, the main component of the Tanker Kit, is a magnetic tarpaulin that provides a temporary, but reliable, watertight seal below the waterline. It is qualified by DNV GL for blanking off sea chests, water inlets and outlets while the ship is afloat.

The seal is achieved by the water pressure and the magnetic adhesion between the patch and the steel surface.

No hot work or hydraulic tools are required for the installation. Supplementary tools required for installation are included in the kit.

The kit contains:

  • Two pcs 900 x 1 250mm Magnetic Miko Plaster®
  • Two pcs 2,250 x 2,500mm Magnetic Miko Plaster®
  • Four pcs MAM-001 Miko Anchor Magnets
  • Ten pcs MPM-002 Miko Permanent Magnets
  • Two pcs MHT-001 Handling Tool for MPM-002
  • Four pcs MHT-002 Handling Ropes
  • One pcs Installation/Storage Drum

The kit has a gross weight of 220kg and a length of 2,300mm.

Installation Principle

The drum is used for the storage and transportation of the Miko Plaster®, as well as for its installation. Both the drum and the larger patches are close to neutral buoyancy in water.

One MAM-001 Miko Anchor Magnet is placed outside each corner of the sea chest or opening to be patched.

The drum is lowered into the water from the deck by using the handling ropes, while the diver positions it correctly.

With the two first corners secured to a MAM-001, the Miko Plaster® is rolled out from the drum. The diver can easily re-position the patch if necessary.

The last two corners are secured to the other MAM-001 once the patch is completely rolled out in the correct position.

The MPM-002 Miko Permanent Magnets are placed on top of the patch to further increase the seal and to prevent it from being peeled off by any current.