The GIW Minerals TBC is currently the most operated severe duty slurry pump in the Canadian Oil Sands Industry.

TBC pumps are constructed as horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps to give maximum resistance to solids. The pump design can withstand very high pressures. The pressure load against the shell is transferred to non-wearing side plates which are held together by large tie bolts to ensure safety. Shell and impeller hydraulics are computer designed to optimise performance and wear, providing high suction capability and large solids passage. The TBC pump is constructed of abrasion resistance white irons, ductile irons and special alloys to match duty requirements.

Wear Parts

Slurry Diverter: GIW technology dramatically increases suction liner life by reducing particle recirculation between the impeller and liner.


Lower Specific Speed Design: Large diameter impeller allows the pump to run slower for better parts wear life. A lower specific speed also gives the pump the ability to operate over a wide range of flows to meet today’s varying flow conditions.

Maintenance Friendly

Impeller Release Ring: Provides for easier impeller removal and is standard on all GIW TBCpumps. Drastically reduces wet end change-out interval for less downtime.

Two Piece Suction Plate Design: TBC 54 and larger pumps have a special 2-piece suction plate design for reduced maintenance tool time and safer lifting due to lighter loads. Inner suction plate “Front Door” allows replacement of suction liner and impeller without removing the outer suction plate.