Underwater air lift bags are open or enclosed bottom parachute type design. These parachute type underwater lift bags include commercial diving lift bags and professional lift bags.

Parachute type underwater lift bags are water drop shaped units. Generally, the open bottom air lifting bags can be used at any depth for marine salvage or re-floatation objects from the seabed. Because the open bottom design makes the operation more safety. Therefore, this air lift bags is one kind of all-purpose inflatable buoyancy units. Especially used for the scuba diving lift bags, marine salvage bags, boat lift air bags, and float bags salvage.

Why DOOWIN underwater air lift bags?

Advanced design and production technology. The strict quality management system.
Top-quality with a competitive price. DOOWIN underwater lift bags are your first choice.

  • Heavy Duty Material – Made of heavy-duty PVC coated polyester fabric. Reach 10,000N/5cm.
  • Conform to IMCA D016 – Design, production and tested complying with IMCA D016 newest edition.
  • Third-Party Certificates – ABS, LR, BV third-party certificate is available upon request.
  • Dump Valves – The top dump valve can control the buoyancy by the bottom rope.
  • Safety Factor 5:1 – Design safety working factor 5:1 at least complying with IMCA D016.
    RH Seam Welding – We weld all seams by high-frequency welding technology, no glue use.
  • Webbing Harness 7:1 SF – Certificate webbing harness (with 7:1 SF) terminate with end shackles.
  • Single Lifting Point – All webbing harness point to a single ring for steady lifting