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Underwater Air lift Bags and Proof Load Testing Water Weight Bags

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DOOWIN offers a range of underwater air lifting bags, marine salvage airbags, pipe laying buoyancy units, proof load test water weight bags, and bulk water/oil bladder tanks.

All products are designed and tested to comply with International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) D-016 and Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) 051, and have been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), China Classification Society (CCS), and Lloyd’s Register (LR), as well as passing an ISO 9001 quality management system.

Proof load testing water weight bags

DOOWIN’s water weight bags are a simple, safe and cost-effective load testing solution for lifting equipment and structures, such as static or dynamic load testing of davits, winches, cranes, lifting equipment, and beams.

The water weight bags have been drop-tested at the UK’s TUV National Engineering Laboratory, and gained type test accreditation at a 6:1 safety factor to meet LEEA Guidance 051.

Underwater air lift bags.
Marine salvage airbags.
Load test water weight bags.
Lifeboat load test water bags.
Single-point pipeline buoyancy units.
Elongated float bags-alvage-tube.
Pipe-laying floats.
Enclosed pillow lift bags.
Inflatable cable floats.
Lace on Hawser floats.

All crane test water weight bags are made from high-strength PVC-coated polyester, which incorporates radio frequency welding. Each water weight bag is equipped with certificated shackles, master-link, and webbing straps, and complies with relevant international standards.

Each crane test water weight bag is tested and certified before delivery. In addition, DOOWIN also provides third-party certificates from organizations such as BV and ABS.

Heavy-duty underwater air lifting bags

DOOWIN’s underwater air lifting bags include parachute-type air lifting bags, marine salvage bags, elongated inflatable salvage tubes, float bags, underwater pillow lift bags, mono buoyancy units, and other customized air lift bags.

Heavy-duty inflatable underwater air lifting bags are used worldwide for raising sunken objects; marine salvage, structure stabilization and re-floatation; vessel salvage; transportation of underwater equipment; pipeline laying and equipment towing; as well as standby emergency buoyancy.

All DOOWIN underwater air lifting bags are manufactured and certified to comply with IMCA D-016 Guidelines.

Parachute-type underwater air lift bags

Parachute-type underwater air lift bags are available in open-bottom and enclosed-bottom variations.

Open parachute type underwater air lift bags are widely used for lifting loads or lift sunken objects from the seabed to the surface. It also can be used as a floatation device for diving and underwater marine salvage, as well as for underwater buoyancy support and re-floatation. Enclosed parachute-type underwater air lift bags have a dual-purpose bottom, and can be used in shallow and deep waters.

DOOWIN parachute-type underwater air lift bags are fabricated from high-tenacity PVC-coated polyester fabric. They are equipped with a manual air dump relief valve, which can be easily controlled to adjust the buoyancy of the bottom rope. They also feature certified heavy-duty polyester webbing with end shackles, and air inlet stainless valves are supplied for the lifting operations.

The parachute-type underwater air lift bags are manufactured to comply with IMCA D-016 guidelines.

Totally enclosed marine salvage airbags

Cylindrical, totally enclosed marine salvage airbags are an effective alternative to parachute-type underwater air lift bags for surface buoyancy support, re-floatation, marine salvage, cable, or for pipeline laying as inflatable buoyancy units.

The totally enclosed marine salvage airbags are cylindrical units made with heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester, and feature polyester webbing with shackles, air inlet stainless ball valves, and automatic air relief valves. The overall assembly has a minimum 5:1 safety factor for its working load.

All DOOWIN marine salvage bags are manufactured and certified to comply with IMCA D-016.

Lifeboat and davit load test water weight bags

The cylindrical lifeboat load test water bags are equipped with fill / discharge fittings, handles and an automatic relief valve, which is activated once the water weight bags achieve the specified weight.

This load test water bag system is widely used for the distributed proof load test of lifeboats, davit, crew bastes, gangways and small bridges.

Pipeline buoyancy module

DOOWIN inflatable pipeline buoyancy modules have four main products; namely single-point buoyancy units, inflatable buoyancy units, twin-boom cable floats, arch-shaped pipe laying floats.

The pipeline buoyancy modules are used for the buoyancy support for cable, hose, and pipeline.



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  • Underwater Air Lift Bags

    Underwater air lift bags are open or enclosed bottom parachute type design. These parachute type underwater lift bags include commercial diving lift bags and professional lift bags.

  • Marine Salvage Airbags

    DOOWIN marine salvage bags are totally enclosed cylindrical shape design. It is known as enclosed air lift bags, inflatable buoyancy units, or salvage pontoon.

  • Load Test Water Weight Bags

    Water weight bags are simple and safe water filled crane test weights designed to provide proof load testing instead of traditional solid load test weights.

  • Lifeboat Load Test Water Bags

    DOOWIN lifeboat load test water bags system is widely used for the distributed proof load testing for the lifeboat, gangway and other equipment that need distributed load testing.

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