Continuous research and design improvements based on many practical applications resulted in a new concept with all the advantages of our proven KOSEQ rigid sweeping arm system: the Victory Oil Sweeper® (VOS).

The system is very well suited to recover oil spills from rivers, estuaries, deltas, offshore installations and drilling rigs, by pushing or trailing the Victory Oil Sweeper®.

Koseq has designed and patented this new rigid sweeping arm system, which consists of two floating angle-adjustable arm sections and a centre floatation section, housing the oil collection chamber containing one or two pumps, with all the advantages of the existing Koseq rigid sweeping arm systems.

This versatile angle-adjustable oil spill recovery arm is smaller in the folded mode and increases in width when opened.

The Victory Oil Sweeper® can optionally be executed with a conveyor belt, transforming it into a debris recovery unit.