Koseq is a worldwide supplier of unique mechanical oil spill recovery equipment and customised solutions. Dutch-based Koseq is also the inventor of the Rigid Sweeping Arm Systems.

With the Rigid Sweeping Arm systems, we provide our clients with a time-effective, dynamic and efficient method to respond to oil spill incidents with proven results worldwide.

A different Dutch technological approach in combating oil pollution.

Koseq's rigid sweeping arm is in active position for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).
Koseq’s sweeping arms applied in the Gulf of Mexico in February 2010.
The Dutch Coast Guard’s ‘Arca’ vessel in operation during the Prestige oil spill.
The containerised Compact 502 system hoisted aboard a ship.
Oil recovery conducted using Koseq’s rigid sweeping arms during the Prestige oil spill.
The Compact 502’s knuckle-boom crane lowers the sweeping arm into the water.
The victory oil sweeper (VOS) is in open mode to collect oil and debris.
Koseq creates designs using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs.
The Don Inda vessel, which is equipped with Koseq’s rigid sweeping arms.
Koseq’s rigid sweeping arms can be easily mobilised to anywhere in the world by airplane.

Rigid Sweeping Arms Systems, oil spill recovery and response equipment

Koseq Rigid Sweeping Arm Systems prove the best tool for efficient and safe oil recovery from the sea surface. Where other methods fail in open seas due to hard winds or high waves, the sweeping arms of our systems continue to recover large quantities of oil.

The recovery is dynamic, quick and effective with only a few crew members required. Koseq offers a comprehensive range of sweeping arm solutions for various weather conditions and applications such as facilities for offshore, deltas, harbours and inland waters.

The concept – easy-to-clean and transportable oil recovery systems

Koseq provides a complete package to empower and handle the sweeping arms. Comprising two floating pontoons and a connecting bridge part our sweeping arms are free floating sturdy steel constructions and are trailed alongside a vessel. The length of each arm is customisable.

The advantage of Koseq’s system is that the arms are rigid and as a result, they are easy to clean, easy to store, highly sustainable and resistant to strong waves and harsh winds.

Unlike a boom and skimmer system, it is not necessary to contain the oil first in a boom as the sweeping arms are immediately ready for action upon deployment.

Special trailers are available to store and quickly transport the sweeping arms systems. They are also easily transportable by airplane.

Oil spill preparedness and recovery equipment

Rigid Sweeping Arms, powerpacks, hydraulically driven oil pumps, sweeping arm crane systems and modular crane pedestal systems

Koseq sweeping arm systems are built in the Netherlands and delivered all over the world. They are also used by national coastguards, response teams and salvage companies including international dredging companies and local authorities across Europe, the Middle East, South America, the US and more.

Our systems have proven their reliability and efficiency during notable operations such as the Prestige, Sea Empress, Erika and Gulf of Mexico oil spills.

In the 2002 ‘Prestige’ Oil spill, the Dutch coastguard vessel ‘Arca’, the ‘Neuwerk’ and dredger ‘Rijndelta’ were equipped with our rigid sweeping arm systems and recovered the largest quantity of oil from all of the involved vessels. (Source: EMSA Action Plan for Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response’, page 44)

The Compact 502 – a full service containerized quick response system

Koseq’s latest innovation is the Compact 502, which is a containerized self-deploying complete oil spill recovery system.

The 20ft ISO container comprises the Compact Rigid Sweeping Arm, the hydraulic marine knuckle boom crane, a diesel driven hydraulic power pack and an operator console. Only a tank to store the recovered oil is needed.

The compactness enables the oil spill responder to have either this system aboard or transport the Compact 502 to the Vessel of Opportunity to deploy and start operations immediately.

About Koseq

In 2013, Netherlands-based Koseq changed hands to Thecla Bodewes of the renowned De Kaap Shipyard in Meppel, part of the Dutch Bodewes Group.

Our 40-year history in technology and extensive track record form the foundation of Koseq today. Innovation and evolution of the possibilities of the rigid sweeping arm principle is our trademark.

Thecla Bodewes states: "By the innovation of our new mobile sweeping arm system, the Compact 502, you are ready to operate on inland waterways as well as at sea within one hour."