Meliwis gas field is located in the Madura Offshore PSC, Indonesia. Credit: Santos Limited.
Santos signed a gas sales agreement with Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) in February 2019. Credit: Oil and Gas Photographer / Shutterstock.
The Meliwis field is tied-back to the wellhead platform via an 11km subsea pipeline. Credit: Vismar UK / Shutterstock.

Meliwis gas field is located in the Madura Offshore PSC situated in East Java, Indonesia. The field was discovered in 2016 and began production in July 2020.

It is jointly owned by MedcoEnergi (77.5%, operator) and Petronas (22.5%), with the contract expiring in 2027.

MedcoEnergi came to own the stake through the acquisition of Ophir in 2019. Ophir had purchased the stake from Santos in 2018.

The Meliwis development will involve an estimated capital investment of $70m for a single well drilled from a wellhead platform (WHP) tie-back to the Maleo field.

Meliwis field location

The Meliwis field is located in the Madura offshore production sharing contract (PSC), which is located at a water depth of 48m. The PSC comprises two blocks, which include the Peluang, Maleo, and Meliwis gas fields.

Meliwis is situated in the Madura Strait, between 10km and 11km south of the Maleo field. It lies 46km south of Madura Island and 142km east of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Meliwis field discovery

Gas at the Meliwis field was discovered by the Meliwis-1 well in April 2016, roughly 100m down-dip of the Maleo field. The discovery well encountered a 53m gross column in the Upper Mundu, Globigerinid limestones.

It underwent two drill stem tests (DSTs) at a maximum test rate of 13.07 million metric standard cubic feet per day (Mmscfd), with no water or condensate produced.

Meliwis field development plan

The field development plan for Meliwis was submitted in 2017 and approved by Indonesia’s Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) in January 2018. The strategy for the development of the field is similar to that of the Peluang field development. The standalone screen completion design too is similar.

The Meliwis field development plan includes an unmanned single wellhead platform at a water depth of 74m tied-back to Maleo production platform (MPP) with a plateau rate of 25Mmscfd.

The field is tied-back to the platform via an 11km-long subsea pipeline to supply up to 20Mmscfd to domestic industries in East Java.

A 4.5in-diameter, 1.2km-long crestal horizontal well was drilled in the northern part of the field, targeting the upper Mundu formation where 80% of the gas is located.

The project also included the installation of a 10in-diameter, 11km-long subsea pipeline between the Meliwis and Maleo WHPs with risers at both and a new riser clamp installation at the Maleo WHP.

The Meliwis WHP jacket weighing between 450t and 475t and the Meliwis WHP deck weighing between 100t and 150t were also installed as part of the offshore installation works.

The gas from Maleo, Peluang, and Meliwis fields is processed at the Maleo production platform and supplied to buyers in East Java via the 28in diameter East Java Gas Pipeline (EJGP).

Gas production and sale from Meliwis gas field

The field is expected to produce 35.95 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of gas a year (gross 2C, technical recovery). It will extend the economic field life of the neighbouring Maleo and Peluang fields by extending the tail end production from the Maleo field.

It will contribute to an additional recovery of 8.3Bcf (gross 2C) from the two fields.

In February 2019, Santos signed a gas sales agreement (GSA) with Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) to supply gas from the Meliwis field until 31 August 2023, subject to a maximum total contract quantity (MTCQ) of 22.8 trillion British thermal units (TBTU).