The Spruance field is a two-well subsea development. Credit: LLOG.
The Spruance field is located in Ewing Bank (EW) Blocks 877 and 921, Gulf of Mexico, US. Credit: US Energy Information Administration.
The Spruance field is operated as a 22.5km-long subsea tie-back to the Lobster platform. Credit: LLOG.

The Spruance field is an offshore oil and gas field located within Ewing Bank (EW) Blocks 877 and 921 in the Gulf of Mexico, US.

The field entered production in June 2022, within three years of the drilling of the initial exploratory discovery well.

LLOG Exploration Company (LLOG), an exploration and production company based in the US, operates the field with a working interest of 22.64%. The remaining interest in the field is held by Ridgewood Energy (23.89%), Beacon Asset Holdings (11.61%), Houston Energy (11.2%), EnVen (13.5%), Red Willow (11.15%) and CL&F (6%).

Spruance field discovery

The Spruance oil and gas field was discovered by the EW 877 #1 well, a subsalt exploration well drilled in mid-2019 at a water depth of 1,600ft. The well was drilled to a total depth of 17,000ft and encountered approximately 150 net feet of oil pay in multiple high-quality Miocene sands.

In early October 2020, a second well, EW 921 #1, was drilled from the same surface location. Drilled to a total depth of 16,600ft, this well successfully delineated the pays from the main field. The well also logged additional oil pay, amounting to a total of more than 200 net feet of oil.

Spruance field development and production details

LLOG and its partners signed a production handling agreement for the tie-back of the Spruance field to the Lobster platform in July 2020.

The field was developed through a two-well subsea development, which is connected to the Lobster platform with a 22.5km-long subsea tieback.

Operated by EnVen, the Lobster platform is located approximately 209km south of New Orleans in the Ewing Bank 873 (EW873) block at a water depth of 775ft.

The field produces approximately 16,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd) and 13 million metric cubic feet per day (Mmcfd) of gas.

Contractors involved

In February 2021, Trendsetter Engineering, a subsea solutions provider based in the US, was contracted to supply a subsea manifold and Trendsetter Connection System (TCS), a family of subsea production connectors, for the Spruance project.

The company also provided production valves from Italian company Advanced Technology Valve.

Other developments by LLOG

First production from LLOG’s Praline field in Mississippi Canyon Block 74 in the US Gulf of Mexico was achieved in June 2021. With a 27.25% working interest, LLOG is the operator of the Praline field. The remaining interest in the field is owned by companies managed by Ridgewood Energy, including ILX Holdings, Houston Energy, Red Willow Offshore and CL&F Offshore.

The discovery well of the Praline field encountered more than 125ft of net hydrocarbons and was completed in August 2020. It is tied back to the Pompano production platform, which is operated by Talos Energy.

In May 2022, LLOG announced that the Salamanca production facility will be developed by refurbishing a decommissioned production facility.

The Salamanca facility will comprise a floating production unit (FPU) that will receive the Leon discovery, located in Keathley Canyon (KC) blocks 642, 643, 686 and 687, as well as the Castile discovery, located in KC 736.

The company has been operating the Who Dat floating production system (FPS) in Mississippi Canyon 547 since 2011. Located at a water depth of 3,100ft, the FPS was also the first in the Gulf of Mexico to be owned by a privately held company.

The Who Dat field was discovered in December 2007 and came onstream within four years. The current gross production from the field is 25,000 bopd and 96 Mmcfd of natural gas.

LLOG and its affiliates are also developing the Taggart discovery in Mississippi Canyon Block 816. The development was sanctioned in June 2020.