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Blast and Fire Protection for Offshore Structures

Van Dam provides both the external and internal architectural fit-out for oil and gas offshore structures. The architectural package is part of our 'one-stop shopping' concept.

We provide fire and blast protective products and solutions to protect personnel and critical safety equipment, preventing the escalation of events following hydrocarbon explosions and subsequent fire or impact damage.

Architectural fit-outs for personnel and equipment safety and security

Van Dam provides complete external and internal architectural packages for offshore structures. We supply features from our own product range, including blast walls, fire walls, doors, windows, complete internal partitioning (internal walls and doors), heat and wind shielding and all interfacing work.

Our services include product design and engineering (in-house), manufacturing (in-house), supply and even supervision of the onsite installation. Full installation can also be incorporated.

Blast and fire walls for offshore structures

We provide a range of blast and fire walls for offshore structures:

  • Blast-resistant or relieving walls
  • Fire-rated walls and cladding
  • Jet-fire walls
  • Heat and windshield cladding

External and internal doors for offshore structures

Our range of doors for offshore structures, both external and internal, includes:

  • Blast-resistant doors
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Watertight and gastight doors

Offshore structure refurbishment, maintenance, repair and inspections

We offer refurbishment, maintenance and repair services for offshore structures, as well as spare parts and quality inspections.

Our services can typically be applied to:

  • Onshore and offshore living quarters (LQ) and protective compartments in the oil and gas industry
  • Production platforms, fixed and floating
  • FPSOs and FSOs
  • TLPs, spars and semi subs
  • Typical offshore topside modules

Van Dam serves you with high-level integrated solutions for blast and fire protection, designed and engineered to meet the requirements of the application. Let our experience be your added value. We pride ourselves on providing solutions in line with safety, security, reliability, sustainability and longevity.

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