GlobalData’s latest report, ‘Global Length and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Hydrogen Pipelines, 2022-2026′, indicates that hydrogen pipeline projects are gaining traction, mainly in Europe with a few also being planned in Asia and North America. However, the majority of these projects are still undergoing conceptual studies and are yet to receive development approvals.

Europe dominates global planned and announced pipeline length additions, with more than 1,900km of pipeline length expected to be added during 2022 to 2026. Most of these upcoming pipeline additions are concentrated in Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy.

In Asia, China accounts for the entire pipeline additions through the proposed Shandong Hydrogen pipeline. In North America, two pipelines – Alliance Hydrogen Project and Quebec – are being planned in the US and Canada, respectively.

hydrogen pipeline

Among announced and planned (newbuild) hydrogen pipelines expected to start operations by 2026, Holstebro-Hamburg in Denmark leads globally with the longest pipeline length of 450km. Snam Hydrogen pipeline in Italy closely follows with a length of 440km.