Rig video surveillance systems

We are pleased to inform you that DRILLEREYE solutions for RIG’s video surveillance will be shown at OTC 2016 exhibition, on the DRILLMEC booth (#5563).

The longtime collaboration between DRILLMEC and our company, has allowed us to realize a RIG CCTV solution fully integrated with the cyber driller control cabin where, with a simple touch, the driller may control all RIG and CCTV functions.

This partnership, that endlessly researches new solutions to improve RIG performances, is now studying a vision system that assists the driller during critical actions as piping connections or power tong operations.

This improvement will reduce the operation time for these tasks, enhancing the RIG safety.

You are invited to join us at DRILLMEC booth (OTC 2016 #5563) to have a preview of this important innovation.