ECA is a French industrial group specialising in robotics, simulation and control command systems, and security. ECA will be exhibiting at Offshore Brazil, 16-19 June, MACAE, Brazil on stand number 0.89 / P.88.

Some of ECA’s realisations for the Oil and Gas Industry:

Xmas tree remote control systems, either conventional HP/HT control systems like for the Lille FRIGG project in Norway in 1990 or the Tele Operated Valves electro-hydraulic patented control system like for the Total Austral Argo field in Argentina.

Design, manufacturing and installation of inflatable plugs, piggable through long distances and acoustically controlled through the pipe walls to allow the tie-in of the Bruce pipeline to the Frigg gas pipeline without flooding the lines for Total Oil Marine.

Full range of underwater vehicles:

  • Sea plough for cable installation
  • Electrical remote controlled systems for observation ranging from 0m-6000m (ROV H300- H1000, VICTOR 6000)
  • Autonomous underwater vehicle for deep offshore pipeline inspection and survey (ALISTAR 3000) and light intervention Robot (ALIVE)
  • Remotely operated unmanned surface vehicle (USV INSPECTOR) towing side scan sonar for shallow water pre-lay surveys and safety inspection of harbours and offshore platforms
  • Robots dedicated to ship hull inspection (ROVINGBAT)

Complete range of video cameras for explosion proof areas, complete range of manipulator arms (electric and hydraulic) and a complete range of simulators for operator and maintenance training.

All products benefit from dual technology applied in other fields of activities and are strongly supported with worldwide maintenance logistics coverage.

ECA also relies on a worldwide network of representatives, duly selected to provide additional services, local support and highest customer proximity. Technology transfer being the keyword of our relationship.

ECA is the ideal partner for finding new technological solutions and to develop rapidly operational products for facing new technological challenges in the field of Deep Offshore operations.