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Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Cinch Connectivity Solutions supplies high-quality, high-performance connectors and cable assemblies to many diverse global markets, including aerospace, military / defence, commercial transportation, oil and gas, and high-end computers.

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Cinch Connectivity Solutions supplies high-quality, high-performance connectors and cable assemblies to a diverse range of global markets, including aerospace, military / defence, commercial transportation, oil and gas, and high-end computers.

We also provide custom solutions with our creative, hands-on engineering and end-to-end approach to ensure we meet the growing demands of our client base.

With Cinch’s acquisition of Gigacom Interconnect and Fibreco in 2012, coupled with our vast experience of connector design and manufacturing dating back nearly 100 years, Cinch is also able to offer fiber-optic solutions for the most challenging environments.

Fiber-optic connectors and cable assemblies

Cinch’s fiber division is a specialist designer and manufacturer of fiber-optic connectors and cable assemblies for military, security, outside broadcast, offshore, mining and other harsh industrial environment applications.

We offer a comprehensive collection of hermaphroditic connectors for fibre-optic cables to meet the most demanding applications.
Our Breakaway Connectors are used throughout the offshore industry, where fibre-optic cabling needs to be robust.
Our hermaphroditic connectors are available in a range of sizes.
We offer versatile cable connectors such as hybrid models.
We design and manufacture a variety of robust plugs for cables.
The Geo Beam fibre-optic cable connector.

Our multichannel hermaphroditic connectors use advanced expanded beam technology, providing unrivalled optical performance and complete reliability in the most adverse operating conditions.

At our purpose built facility near London Stansted Airport, Cinch also manufactures bespoke cable assemblies from 1m up to 1km using high-quality tactical fiber-optic cable and rugged field deployable cable reels.

Fibreco’s expanded beam connectors and cable assemblies offer high-performance, flexible, cost-effective solutions to any critical communications application in harsh environments. Our diverse product offerings include connectors, enclosures and cable assemblies, utilising multiple contact technologies such as copper and fiber-optics.

High-performance electrical connectors for adverse conditions

The Cinch electrical connector range include high-performance, harsh environment products, the BACC / Mil 26500 Omega®, Mil-DTL-5015, D38999, the Dura-Con™ Microminiature and the Cin::Apse® solderless product technology. Our product engineering and development activities use cutting-edge technologies for design and modelling; coupled with our various technologies and expertise, we are able to deliver customised solutions and products for our strategic partnerships.

We also serve a broad range of commercial markets, largely through our highly efficient distribution network.

We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and continually provide innovative solutions to the rapidly changing needs of the markets and clients we serve.

Cinch operates numerous manufacturing facilities throughout the world comprising approximately 500,000ft² of workspace for state-of-the-art equipment.

Thermoset, thermoplastic and elastomer moulding

Our core operations include fully automated computer controlled assembly, adding competitive value, consistency and reliability to the products we produce. Cinch moulds numerous thermoset, thermoplastic and elastomer compounds, as well as stamping and forming of various copper-based and other metal alloys using high-speed stamping presses designed to operate at speeds in excess of 1,000 strokes per minute.

In line with our commitment to management standards, a number of our facilities are certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100. Cinch is also qualified in a number of industry and customer specifications and employs the latest lean manufacturing and cycle time reduction programmes to deliver competitive pricing and on-time delivery performance to our customers.

Comprehensive fiber-optic solutions

Formed in 1917, Cinch continues to successfully meet the needs and expectations of the markets we serve because we listen to our customers, and provide reliable state-of-the-art products and solutions. Cinch has initiated dock-to-stock programmes with many major OEMs; is qualified to many customers’ specifications, and over the years has improved our quality systems from MIL-Q-9858, to ISO 9001, AS9100 and recently gained MIL-DTL-790 status at our UK fiber-optic facility.

We are proud of our history of continual improvement and committed to continuous improvement in remaining a dependable, innovative leader in the market place through measurement methods and delivering quality products. We believe our commitment to quality is evidenced by a century of customer satisfaction and look forward to the centuries ahead.

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