Name change

It’s been an exciting couple of years at Cinch Connectors, what with the launch of several new products, many acquisitions by the firm’s parent company, Bel Fuse, as well as some new manufacturing facilities, and several awards and qualifications gained.

The new companies joining Bel bring a wealth of expertise to the group.

Cinch Connectors’s worldwide locations have grown, and with an increase in collaborative product development and innovation across the divisions.

It became the perfect opportunity for Bel to revisit Cinch Connector’s identity and deliver a cohesive look and feel across all of its groups to reflect the new unified collaborative strengths.

Bel most recently acquired Emerson Connectivity Solutions (ECS) in July of this year.

The synergy between ECS and Cinch Connectors made it an easy decision to combine these companies in one ‘Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ group, leveraging the firm’s strengths to best serve its customers and the wider range of markets and applications the company services.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions will become the new name of these combined companies, bringing together the best of what these two organisations have to offer.

With collective core skills and expertise, it is anticipated that an emphasis on innovation and ground-breaking product development will produce an exciting future for the firm and more importantly, its customers.

From the 13 October, customers will see the company’s new brand identity and logo start to be used and the online presence will change accordingly too.

Over the coming weeks and months, further changes will be implemented with the addition of a newly combined website.

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