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Hummel’s EXIOS and EXIOS Barrier – Two Cable Glands You Need to Know

HUMMEL is extending its product range of cable glands and accessories for potentially explosive areas, in particular hazardous areas.

HUMMEL’s introduction of EXIOS provided a ground-breaking and first-class cable gland for precisely these areas. The innovative company from the Black Forest will now be presenting the EXIOS barrier at Hanover’s industry fair Hannover Messe Industrie 2011.

“We do not see ourselves as a ‘one-product provider’, but rather as a reliable partner who can provide customers a complete solution of the highest standard,” says managing director Holger Hummel.

Hazardous areas are extremely sensitive areas and are subject to strict guidelines and standards. Security in these areas is of utmost importance. For this reason, EXIOS has been tested and certified using the most up-to-date IECEx and ATEX guidelines. National licences for Russia and Brazil for instance have also meanwhile been granted.

The new EXIOS Barrier from HUMMEL features all the technical characteristics of the conventional EXIOS such as exceptionally robust construction, the proven HUMMEL clamping system and the ‘Interlocking armour cone’, which prevents torsional stress during assembly.

Use of this special EXIOS barrier according to standard is mandatory if the following conditions apply: cf. IEC/EN 60079-14 Para. 10.4.2.

In the EXIOS barrier, the individual conductors of the cable are sealed with a special sealing compound, which ensures that the entire cable gland is flameproof. In this manner it is guaranteed that an ignition spark cannot reach the exterior – possibly also potentially explosive – atmosphere in the event of an explosion in the interior of pressure-resistant housing.

Furthermore, it may be useful to use the EXIOS barrier in conjunction with certain cables and conduits, e.g. if the inner cable sheath features strong cold flow properties or the individual conductors are not completely filled.

Just like EXIOS, the new EXIOS barrier will be available in nine different sizes and with connection threads from M16 – M75 and NPT 3/8in – NPT 3in. As an alternative to brass, nickel-plated brass and stainless-steel designs are also obtainable.

The worldwide sales and logistics network of HUMMEL allows for fast reaction times and on-site technical advice. Do not hesitate to contact our technicians for any questions you may have in terms of explosion protection. You too can install your cables securely with EXIOS and EXIOS barrier.

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