Many satisfied KABELSCHLEPP Metool customers know from everyday experience that STEEL chains are by no means ‘out dated’. For almost 60 years, these extremely durable and robust ‘classics’ among cable carrier systems have held their ground in a wide variety of applications. In addition, what many people do not realise is that cable carriers made of STEEL are also maintenance-free.

Strength, rigidity, resistance to harsh chemicals, UV rays and radiation, suitability for use in extreme high and low temperatures – these are all characteristics of the material steel that are required and absolutely essential for a vast range of demanding energy chain applications. Since extreme operating and environmental conditions have proven again and again how crucial steel is for numerous cable carrier applications due to its unique material characteristics, KABELSCHLEPP Metool has chosen to keep STEEL carriers as an essential offering in its product portfolio. Over the years, KABELSCHLEPP has constantly reengineered and upgraded its steel product line to use state-of-the-art technology. KABELSCHLEPP’s STEEL series cable and hose carrier line provides customised solutions especially for ‘tough cases’ and extreme environmental conditions.

Seaworthy and extremely tough

Offshore applications are a typical example where steel chains are commonly used because of their durability and reliable operation under harsh climatic conditions. Characteristics like superior seawater and UV resistance make steel systems the energy chain system of choice for many offshore applications. The material reliability and high-strength design of steel cable carriers allow the carrier system to withstand exposure to excessive mechanical stress such as extremely high additional weight loads, even at long unsupported lengths.

Due to their resilience, steel chains systems are also perfect for use in a diverse range of other harsh environment applications such as use on equipment for mining, tunnel drilling and excavating. These applications expose the carrier to mechanical influences such as falling rocks or high particulate contamination like dust, sand and dirt.

As a manufacturer of cable carrier systems since 1954, KABELSCHLEPP’s several decades of product know-how and application expertise have resulted in a broad range of dynamic cable management products with special design features that have been engineered to provide optimal performance even in the most extreme operating and environmental conditions. For example, KABELSCHLEPP has designed its steel carrier’s side-band link plates in various optimised geometric shapes to increase strength and reduce weight. Also included are other performance-enhancing features such as an open-style, double stop-dog pivot system that is self-cleaning and minimises the wear on the carrier caused by continued exposure to contaminates like sand and dust which might otherwise get trapped in the carrier’s joints. This results in longer service life of the cable and hose carrier system and therefore better machine reliability.

Maintenance-free operation

None of KABELSCHLEPP’s STEEL LINE series cable carriers require any lubrication or similar maintenance, and downtime to grease steel carrier systems can be omitted. The fact that KABELSCHLEPP’s steel carriers are maintenance-free and do not require lubrication plays a major role in their ability to reduce maintenance costs and prevent costly machine downtime.

Hot performance

Another benchmark is high ambient temperatures in industrial kilns, foundries, forgeries or steel mills in general. Dependent on type, KABELSCHLEPP steel carriers will withstand continuous temperatures of up to 600°C, and stainless variants can even master peak temperatures of 1,000°C.

Steel chains offer resistance to UV radiation and harsh chemicals

Steel cable and hose carrier systems are also resistant to harsh chemicals and UV radiation which often make them the best choice for pick and place robots and work-piece manipulators used in industrial applications like acid baths, electroplating plants, nuclear power plants or other radioactive application areas. Although not recommended, steel cable carriers have also been known to hold up to the abuse of inadvertently being stepped on or bumped into, which can be a common occurrence when mounted near the shop floor.

The bottom line

In many applications that require high strength and resistance to extreme environmental factors, steel is the only reasonable and cost-effective option. For every other dynamic cable carrier need, KABELSCHLEPP Metool offers a full range of plastic or plastic-aluminium products to provide the optimum solution and satisfy the requirements of each unique application. Finally, it’s always the application determining choice of material.