Pursuing its long-term commitment to innovative, sustainable mobility, Nexans is poised to deliver the first charging stations after landing a significant part of the contract to equip the sites of the national energy operator and most of France’s public electricity distribution network with charging stations. This success, and the commercial and industrial agreement struck last April between Nexans and the G2mobility start-up, will allow the group to confirm its commitment to seeking energy transition innovations.

Recharging solutions for low-carbon vehicles were developed at the Nexans Power Accessories France plant in Donchery, northern-eastern France. The R&D department has gradually been adding specialized professionals (electronics specialists, telecoms engineers and programmers) to its staff, seeking to respond more effectively to the demand for charging solutions in communications and services.

In April, the company launched a period of intense focus on this booming market, aiming to deliver the first orders in September. The plant has been designed with both capacity and flexibility in mind, and the first assembly line is already able to manufacture 50,000 units a year. Solutions can be configured and personalized to individual customer needs. The logistics and supply chain strategy, relying heavily on local suppliers, will optimise responsiveness at order placement and when recharging facilities need maintenance. Nexans opted for a dedicated sales department, which helps customers purchasing this new technology by responding to queries and handling their requests.

Nexans Power Accessories Smart Grid & E-Mobility director Annie Chéenne said: "We’re convinced that electric mobility will gradually become the solution of choice and radically transform how individuals approach their own mobility, especially by making car-sharing and car-pooling easier. It reduces CO2 emissions and particulates while contributing to the flexibility of smart networks and thus to the integration of intermittent renewable energies."

Nexans Power Accessories France R&D head Hervé Weber added: "The Nexans facility at Donchery is about value creation. Energy transition offers us a chance to move into new areas of specialisation that are a good fit with our core businesses."