It is estimated that by the year 2020, there will be more than 20 billion connected things in the world, generating over three billion terabytes’ worth of data traffic.

To better understand the scale of the challenge, the amount of predicted data flow per year will be equal to 108 million years of high-definition video.

In order to help hyperscale data centre operators drive the fourth industrial revolution and keep up with new technologies that are fusing physical, digital and biological dimensions, Nexans launches its new business unit Nexans Data Center Solutions (NDS), which will provide them with scalable and resilient cables and connectivity products.

Enabling digital innovation with cutting-edge physical infrastructure solutions

To keep up with their exponential growth, hyperscale data center operators must act quickly to scale up their physical infrastructure.

With nine data communications manufacturing units and warehouses worldwide, NDS will offer Nexans’ clients a complete portfolio of innovative physical layer infrastructure products, from data cabling, connectivity and pre-terminated assemblies to transceivers and fiber containment systems.

Nexans is committed to supporting hyperscale data centre operators in scaling up capacity when and where needed, as well as providing advice for overcoming any physical-layer-related network challenges and industrializing new concepts and approaches.

With four competence centers worldwide and two world-class R&D labs, Nexans is partnering with its customers to develop innovative approaches that can be implemented worldwide and aim at improving both technical performance and ROI for its customers.

The recent data communications product innovations developed by Nexans in collaboration with customers include ENSPACE, the new range of ultra-high-density fiber panels for data centers, as well as a patent-pending design to change MPO connector gender that can drastically reduce cabling installation time.

Driving hyperscale digital transformation around the globe

With the launch of its new business unit, Nexans renews its commitment in empowering companies worldwide to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and seize opportunities offered by emerging technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), robotics, autonomous vehicles and more.

As government regulations evolve regarding cable specifications, such as the CPR regulations in Europe, it is critical for the hyperscale community to have a partner that they can trust to keep up with these changes.

With a manufacturing base on several continents and experts deployed in all major markets, Nexans has an unmatched breadth of communications cabling expertise to offer.

Nexans Americas executive vice-president Steven Vermeulen said: "For decades, Nexans has been a leading expert on copper and fiber optic cabling technology through Berk-Tek and more recently the successful BLT alliance in North America and Nexans Cabling Solutions in the rest of the world.

"We decided to launch Nexans Data Center Solutions to extend this expertise to hyperscale data center operators worldwide and help them pilot, industrialise and roll out new digital approaches with the latest high-end physical layer infrastructure products."

Power Accessories Business Groups senior executive vice-president of Europe and Telecom / Datacom Christopher Guérin added: "Nexans is supporting digital transformation and enabling its clients to successfully innovate on a global scale.

"The hyper-connected world of tomorrow will not be possible without robust and scalable physical infrastructures to compute and process vast data flows.

"Our role is to deliver cutting-edge cabling and connectivity services and solutions that will power the hyperscale digital transformation and help our clients drive innovation across the world".

For more information about Nexans Data Center Solutions, please contact the company via the enquiries form.