The first building equipped with BienVEnu, the electric vehicle charging solution for apartment blocks, has been unveiled this week.

The project partners celebrated the installation of the BienVEnu facilities in the SNI Île-de-France residence, in Paris’s 19th arrondissement, in the presence of the arrondissement’s Mayor François Dagnaud, Enedis Paris Regional Director Eric Salomon, and SNI Île-de-France Director Arnaud Cursente.

Coordinated by Enedis, the BienVEnu project includes a further seven partners: CentraleSupélec, Clem’, G2Mobility, Nexans, Park’N’Plug, Tetragora and Trialog. It aims to facilitate electric mobility in apartment blocks and is supported by the Investments for the Future Programme run by ADEME and the Île-de-France region.

The solution, devised specifically to meet the needs of apartment block managers and residents, includes individual charging points and car sharing or carpooling facilities. As a result, it provides an opportunity for everyone to adopt electric cars.

The residents of the SNI Île-de-France building in Paris’s 19th arrondissement are the first to benefit from this solution. The system installed in the building’s parking lot has six charge points for the residents’ electric cars, as well as two car sharing charge stations with two available vehicles (a Renault Zoé and a Mitsubishi Outlander). Users/residents register (at no charge) on project partner’s website where they can then reserve either of the vehicles for a specific time.

BienVEnu is smart and open-ended, as it includes:

  • Smart charging to manage the power subscribed and the impact of drawdown on the grid
  • A charging cluster modular installation with several charge points and the possibility of adding others

This means that the parking lot is equipped to meet current needs and upgradable at lesser cost to cover future expansion.

BienVEnu’s complete eco-mobility service provides a solution to the challenges of the energy transition and sustainable mobility. In this way, it is contributing actively to the gradual application of the charge point entitlement law (applicable to existing apartment blocks since January 2015) and to the rollout of electric vehicles.

The public selected BienVEnu as one of the most interesting ‘100 climate projects’ from almost 600 initiatives, and was awarded the Judges Grand Prize in Usine Nouvelle’s Energy Transition Awards. BienVEnu was also among seven projects that took pride of place last July during the first anniversary celebrations for France’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Law held at the Elysée presidential palace in the presence of the French President François Hollande and the Minister of Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs, Ségolène Royal.