Parker Polyflex’s latest innovation in fluid and gas
handling is the new 2in Golden
Eagle 2580M-32V80, which offers working pressure up to 10,000psig and significantly increased service life,
due to improved chemical, acid and
hydrocarbons resistance.


  • Superior chemical resistance for the
    variety of fluids used by the oil
  • Lower permeability, about 50 times
    less than conventional polymers used
    as inner core tubes
  • ColorGard, dual color safety
    feature with extra-thick cover for
    superior abrasion resistance
  • Lengths up to 600m

The core tube is fluoropolymer-based
and therefore resistant to most acids,
alcohols, ethers, esters and hydrocarbons. It has the potential to work at
temperatures up to 100°C.

Polyflex is moving forward with
goals such as temperatures, high
flexibility, and better mechanical
strength to provide long-term
chemical resistance of our hoses.


  • For work-over operations and well
    stimulation, Golden Eagle is
    capable of handling water / glycol,
    methanol, dilute acids, and control
  • The natural smooth bore also
    reduces pressure drop and increases
    flow compared with steel pipe and
    other hoses

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