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Engineered Hose and Tubing Solutions

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Two Parker businesses, previously part of the energy products division, are now part of the Parker Parflex Division, namely Polyflex and Parker Multitube. This acquisistion makes Parflex a provider of innovative, engineered solutions for the global energy industry.

Parker Parflex offers specialised products, technologies and services to upstream and downstream operations, in addition to hydraulic and high-pressure water sectors. The company supports every client with the best solutions to answer the challenges of their industry.

Parker Parflex’s products and solutions include:

  • Polyflex:
    • High-pressure and ultra-high pressure hoses for the water blast, hydraulic and oil and gas industries
  • Multitube
    • Hotlines and hose bundles for the control of hydraulic BOP stacks
    • Instrumentation tubing for downstream oil and gas operations, chemical processing and refineries, power generation and more

Parflex Multitube®

Parker Parflex Division specialises in the design and engineering of instrumentation tubing bundle solutions for processing, refineries and power generation operations.

Parker has world-class quayside manufacturing, which features five 2,200t carousels that provide ample production and storage capacity for the largest cable and umbilical projects.
Parker produces subsea power cables up to 36kV, (shown 3 x 70mm218/30(36)kV, double armored).
Parker offers the highest MBL and longest lengths available in the industry: MBL of 3,000t, 2,200m at 2,000t/MBL.
Parker produces spiral-strand steel moorings with high MBL and a maximum diameter of 215mm.
Parker engineers and manufactures high and low-voltage electro-hydraulic umbilical with fibre-optics and increased specific gravity requirements. This particular umbilical was supplied for the world's first subsea processing system.

Parflex Multitube® offers a variety of thermal control tubing products, such as steam and electric trace tubing, as well as analyser and probe support bundles. These are typically used for temperature maintenance and freeze protection in chemical processing and refineries, power generation, process control and environmental monitoring systems.

Parflex also manufactures jacketed and/or armoured metal and plastic tubing bundles. The company’s bundles are used worldwide as an ideal alternative for applications where multiple lengths of tubing are currently being installed independently. A bundled solution typically saves space within cabled trays and reduces the overall installation cost. Parflex Multitube® bundles offer protection to the individual tubes while being routed throughout a plant or facility.

The company also offers a wide range of choices for metal and plastic tubes, tubing lengths, insulation thicknesses, jacket materials and colour options.

Each tube in every length of bundle is pressure-tested at the factory prior to shipment and other testing and third-party certifications are available upon request, including ABS (American Bureau of Shipbuilding), DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and Lloyds.

High-pressure hoses and fluid-handling accessories

Parker HHA is a high-pressure hose manufacturer, providing an extensive selection of hose, fittings and accessories, including:

  • High-pressure hydraulic and testing hoses
  • Oil field service hose
  • Special application hose
  • Water blast hose
  • Fittings, adapters, couplings and accessories

Parflex Division’s Polyflex business unit specialises in the manufacturing of ultra high-pressure fluid components. The firm offers an extensive selection of hoses, fittings and accessories for specific fluid handling applications across various industries. The most notable is the water-blast, high-pressure hydraulic and oil and gas markets.

Parflex’s products are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials wire-reinforced thermoplastic and custom compounds.

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