Umbilicals International (UI) has announced the completion and delivery of the second of two large control umbilicals for customer International Underwater Sampling (IUS).

UI delivered the first of these umbilicals to IUS in 2008 for use onboard MV THE EXPLORER, a DP2 vessel capable of sampling areas of 5m² holes at water depths up to 250m. Both umbilicals were designed and manufactured by UI to provide IUS with dynamic umbilicals suitable for multiple deployments.

Each umbilical boasts overall diameters of 248mm and a minimum breaking load of 40,450lbf. Both contain a 62mm diameter power and communications cable as well as numerous gas and hydraulic hoses. The 1,250psi gas hoses will be used to provide high-pressure excavation jetting to the seabed via the drill head, while the 5,000psi hydraulic hoses will be used to control the drill position.

With the umbilicals being two of the largest in diameter the company has ever designed and manufactured, the project demonstrated how far UI’s capabilities can reach. UI also illustrated that they are a supplier to more than the oil and gas industry; they provide cables and umbilicals to all sectors of the offshore industry.

UI possesses vast experience in manufacturing diving umbilicals, having provided a host of International diving contractors with Saturation Diving Umbilicals. This experience ensured a full understanding of the operational requirements of large dynamic umbilicals and the ability to supply IUS with the best technical solution possible.

IUS is a subsidiary of the International Mining and Dredging Holdings Group of Companies (IMDH), who have offices in Malta, Windhoek and Cape Town. IMDH own a fleet of vessels and the latest addition is MV THE EXPLORER. The sampling vessel will be used for mineral and diamond exploration.

UI specialises in the custom design and manufacture of umbilicals, cables and hoses for a variety of industries and applications. A subsidiary of HL-Technologies (HLT), their design, sales and manufacturing facility is located in Stafford, Texas, close to Houston.