Rajant Corporation Introduces Explosion and Flame-Resistant Kinetic Mesh Network Node - Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
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Rajant Corporation Introduces Explosion and Flame-Resistant Kinetic Mesh Network Node

Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of kinetic mesh networks and provider of proven, multi-frequency mesh networking solutions, has introduced the newest addition to its BreadCrumb family of rugged, multi-radio network nodes; the LX4-2954-EX, the first explosion and flame-resistant BreadCrumb offering.

The new BreadCrumb LX4-2954-EX is designed for use in any trade in where safety and availability are paramount, and where there exists a risk of fire or explosions, especially the oil and gas and utilities industries. Typical applications for the BreadCrumb LX4-2954-EX include onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling rigs and refineries.

"As we continue to evolve and expand the family of BreadCrumb devices for new markets and applications, customers have expressed a need for network nodes that can operate in an explosive environment," noted Robert Schena, founder and CEO of Rajant. "Extending the utility and durability of network nodes ensures optimal availability when connectivity matters most."

Rajant solutions are based on the flexible, resilient combination of BreadCrumb wireless, portable mesh networking nodes and InstaMesh software, which enables continuous and instantaneous routing of wireless and wired connections. This dynamic frequency utilisation capability allows for total network mobility – kinetic meshing – as well as robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency.

The BreadCrumb LX4-2954-EX will be available for shipment beginning in 90 days.

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