iOra Launches Geo-Replicator 2013 for Remote and Mobile Users of SharePoint 2013

iOra has announced the launch of Geo-Replicator 2013, designed specifically to support multi-server replication of Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

The new Geo-Replicator 2013, built on iOra’s patented technology, enables organisations with users operating outside of the corporate network in remote or mobile locations to have access to up-to-date business-critical information. iOra’s technology has been successfully deployed on tens of thousands of machines by customers including the US Navy, US Marine Corps, Shell, NATO and UK MoD, delivering data replication over bandwidths as low as 2kbps to disconnected users.

"We have a number of our key users and prospects starting to deploy the new Geo-Replicator 2013 and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

iOra sales director Richard Eltze said: "The launch of Geo-Replicator 2013 is a great new tool for our major defence, oil and gas, and maritime users who need to communicate business-critical information to their employees operating at the network edge. We have a number of our key users and prospects starting to deploy the new Geo-Replicator 2013 and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen a real energy in the market for SharePoint 2013, more so than the 2010 launch of SharePoint, which is reflected in the interest from our many customers."

The benefits of Business Intelligence (BI) Systems are well known in terms of providing collaboration between groups of disparate employees, but getting the information to remote employees in a timely and efficient way is not easy. That is where Geo-Replicator from iOra is different and trusted by defence agencies worldwide and gas and commercial maritime companies for ensuring collaboration information is available across their organisations, as well as the global SharePoint community, who enthuse about collaboration through their own organisations and across their customer organisations.

iOra product director Lawrence Poynter said: "We have been planning and developing our Geo-Replicator Server-to-Server solution since May 2012 to ensure that it meets all the needs for the new Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Our development manager worked with Microsoft in Redmond as part of the Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) for SharePoint 2013, to ensure rigorous adoption and integration of the new features of SharePoint into iOra’s Geo-Replicator. The launch of Geo-Replicator 2013 represents the leading replication solution for SharePoint 2013 to remote users worldwide."

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