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Control Room Console Solutions for the Offshore Industry

10901 Hampshire Ave S.,
Minnesota 55438-2385 United States of America

10901 Hampshire Ave S.,
Minnesota 55438-2385 United States of America

Winstead control room console and furniture

Winsted produces modular and bespoke consoles and control room furniture to improve comfort and optimise efficiency of its clients’ personnel.

The company provides stock and customised consoles for any application, ranging from modern control rooms or renovations to an existing operations room.

By incorporating the concepts of industrial and interior designs, Winsted’s products improve productivity and reduce tiredness.

Customised control room consoles

Winsted’s bespoke consoles accomplish effective control room design, creating spaces that make the workplace a more comfortable environment.

The company focuses on safety, the layout of the control room and the design of workstations in its solutions, in order for the client to achieve their stringent safety and performance objectives.

Modular consoles for control rooms

Winsted’s award-winning Sight-Line flagship console is ideal for all control room applications.

Sight-Line modular consoles are designed to create a unique solution and reconfigurable to meet any future client requirement.

Flexible control room consoles for oil and gas operations

Winsted’s Slat-Wall control room consoles are based on the company’s flagship model.

The same world-class feature set is incorporated with slat-wall control room furniture to provide added versatility and an element of privacy to a command centre.

The slat wall is 15in-tall and features high-quality extruded 6105-T5 aluminium and a smooth anodised finish. A selection of monitor mounts and accessories are also available.

Versatile sit / stand operator consoles

Winsted’s Ascend sit / stand control room consoles allow operators to alternate between sitting and standing at the push of a button. This enables them to alter their positions throughout the day, reducing physical stress and fatigue in command centre environments.

Ascend furniture highlights electric-lift legs with three programmable height settings, which promote high levels of versatility and comfort in any control room.

Modular command consoles

EnVision command consoles feature a progressive new modular design and are available in single, two or three-tier configurations.

Each tier can support a 7.5in or 15in-high slat-wall section with multiple mounting positions to optimise sight lines and viewing angles.

A wide range of slat-wall accessories is also available to minimise clutter and keep workspaces organised. Standard EnVision consoles come with a sturdy and eco-friendly Marmoleum work surface.

Command room design and layout software

Winsted’s exclusive equipment layout software (WELS) facilitates and ensures a fast and precise control room design and layout.

The easy-to-use and interactive 3D software programme allows clients to implement Winsted components to quickly create control room systems that fulfil their specific requirements.

Custom Control Room Solutions

As a leading manufacturer of custom control room solutions, we specialise in the design, development, fabrication and installation of custom workstation consoles for complex technical environments.

Envision Command Centres

Envision command consoles feature a progressive new modular design and are available in single, double or triple-tier configurations.

E-SOC Control Room

E-SOC Control Stations are the perfect balance between our award-winning Prestige Command Consoles and our Encompass II Workstations.

Prestige Sight-Line

Sight-Line control room consoles are ergonomic, modular, and adaptable, giving users flexibility in any control room environment.

Impulse Sit/Stand Consoles

Impulse consoles take ergonomics and operator comfort to a whole new level by offering two independently adjustable, ergonomically curved work surfaces.

Winsted Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Winsted offers a command console solution that can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. Let us help you build your ideal control room with modular command consoles and workstations.

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