Prestige Sight-Line

Sight-Line control room consoles are ergonomic, modular, and adaptable, giving users flexibility in any control room environment.

Sight-Line consoles features the Versa-Trak monitor support system which offers the ultimate in adjustability. Monitor viewing angles and sight lines are easily optimised based on personal needs.

Sight-Line is a beautiful control room console with a feature-set second to none.


  • Three base console widths
  • Corner fillers
  • Easy-Access cable management
  • Multipurpose locking doors
  • Anti-Tip extension
  • Data / power access
  • Versa-Trak monitor mounting system
  • Decorative TruForm end panels
  • Rack mount turret
  • Adjustable monitor mounts with four post heights
  • Optional M-View monitor wall
  • MultipleWork surface options
  • Slat-Wall mounting system