Winsted Corporation, a worldwide leader in control room console solutions, today announced the availability of the company’s new Sky Track monitor walls.

Specifically offered through Winsted’s custom division, the Sky Track monitor walls provide the ability to mount multiple large monitors to a console base where wall mounting isn’t an option.

Sky Track features

  • Option to upgrade all Prestige, custom and existing consoles
  • Monitor mounts for large and small monitors
  • Ability to control monitor viewing distances
  • Versatile design easily manages changes in monitor sizes
  • Removable panel on 3in Titan pole provides wiring access
  • Leveling foot offers height adjustment and stability

Technical details

  • 1.5in x 3in horizontal extrusion for structural support
  • 1.5in x 1.5in vertical extrusions for mounting monitors
  • Custom steel angle for customisation to any console
  • Two mounting contact points for greater stability
  • Removable panels for easy cable access