TITANO™ is a patented new fender from Eastproject, innovative in design, performance and docking logic.

TITANO™ is a patented new fender from Eastproject, innovative in design, performance and docking logic.

Traditional fenders are mounted on rubber legs and a plastic front bar joined by bolts, which are likely to pierce the hull should the two parts came off. TITANO is a monolithic component with double hardness to ensure slip and elasticity. The fender has a rigid front and a soft cushioning dome below, which are connected with a special process without using glue or assembling devices.

Thanks to a particular manufacturing process, the front bar, which is harder to allow the hull’s sliding preventing it ‘hitching on’; and damping dome, which is softer and elastic, able to compress up to 60% of its height under huge merchant ships’ weights, are connected in a molecular way without bonding or assembling.

As the two parts have different hardness, the shape can temporarily change but does not divide or break. The TITANO’s design comes from specific studies and is manufactured by hand moulds.

Inside, the TITANO has concentric diameters with different heights and configurations, and its double hardness allows mega yachts and cruise liners to dock at the same quay .

The 130cm-diameter dome is empty so as to supply three different compression levels, and thus it can be fitted for mega-yachts or big cruise-ships.

TITANO allows for safer and faster docking compared to other fenders, avoids cable stranding problems, and thanks to its round shape it perfectly unburdens all forces on the whole circumference, preventing cables from grounding.

One of the main difference between TITANO and standard fenders is that often, traditional fenders are broken by the fender bar during the loading and the unloading of vessels as the fender bar does not slip over the usual fender. The fender bar acts on the bolts and screws, and in this way a usual fender is ripped from the quay.

TITANO’s new design and innovative material allows the fender bar to slip over, meaning that bolts and screws are not stressed.

TITANO can be heightened through wedges, and its slightly higher price is well paid by a longer life and better performance.

TITANO’s height is adjustable with a metallic shim to satisfy any distances between the quay and the ship. TITANO eliminates the high cost of moulds and dimensional changes, so it is possible to change the height without replacing the fenders.

Its yellow colour is much appreciated by cruise-passengers often following mooring operations from decks. It also comes as transparent, therefore giving off a simple inner light and enlightening quays.

Mainly designed for the docking of mega yachts or cruise liners, the new TITANO fender can be lit up by remote control, making for an impressive quay look and improving docking safety by night or in low-visibility conditions.

Due to the particular materials used, as well as its shape and technical characteristics, TITANO™ is covered by a five-year warranty.