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Seismic Data Solutions

Delft Inversion provides next-generation seismic inversion technology to de-risk and optimise hydrocarbon exploration and field development, CO2 storage or geothermal projects.

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Delft Inversion provides next-generation seismic inversion technology to de-risk and optimise hydrocarbon exploration and field development, CO2 storage or geothermal projects.

Seismic inversion data for quantitative interpretation

While historically seismic data was mainly used for structural interpretation of the subsurface, quantitative interpretation (QI) is becoming a standard in de-risking subsurface projects.

At Delft Inversion, we offer the full spectrum of services to derive additional properties from pre-stack seismic data such as lithology, porosity, pore fluids and saturation.

Our solutions portfolio covers the full range of QI tools, including well-ties, low-frequency model building, rock-physics analysis and modelling, and seismic data pre-conditioning. Most important of all is our proprietary, wave-equation based AVO inversion (WEB-AVO).

Our core technology is available in different modes depending on the project phase and data availability, such as Deterministic WEB-AVO, Stochastic WEB-AVO, Time-Lapse WEB-AVO and Simultaneous PP/PS WEB-AVO.

Optimised seismic data usage for oil and gas exploration

Until now, all commercially available AVO tools were based on a simplified data model, assuming primary reflections only.

Although over the last three decades this technique has often been applied with a certain degree of success, the industry has missed out on obtaining the full resolution and quantitative accuracy that is available in the data. With the current instabilities of oil prices and challenges of geologically more complex plays, the need for cost-effective, accurate and robust techniques is greater than ever before.

At Delft Inversion, we have developed next-generation seismic inversion technology.

By properly accounting for multiple scattering, mode conversions and transmission effects, WEB-AVO is a complete seismic reservoir characteristic tool.

The accuracy of the obtained reservoir models is commonly improved by 10%-20%, which can change the economics of a subsurface project dramatically.

Boosting commercial oil and gas certainty

Apart from using the most realistic wave-propagation engine in-class, WEB-AVO inverts for properties that are much more sensitive to the relevant reservoir parameters such as porosity and hydrocarbon saturation, than the properties obtained from standard AVO technologies.

Variation in reservoir quality and the presence or absence of hydrocarbon accumulations become clearer and easier to interpret.

The unique parameterisation of WEB-AVO and its sensitivity to pore fluids and saturation have repeatedly helped to successfully distinguish between residual and commercial hydrocarbon accumulations. Thereby some of the major shortcomings of conventional seismic inversion technologies are mitigated, significantly reducing commercial uncertainties.

Globally successful offshore operations

More than 20 years of research and development have ensured our technology’s successful application to geophysical challenges worldwide.

Our portfolio of business cases includes the distinction between residual and commercial hydrocarbon accumulations, separation of lithology and fluid effects, volumetric and reserve estimates and direct hydrocarbon indication.

The technology has been applied in the North Sea, onshore and offshore Australia, Gulf of Mexico, Northern America, offshore Western Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and East Asia.

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To discuss your project’s specific challenges and how WEB-AVO can provide a solution, we will happily schedule a web session or a meeting in person.

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North Sea Northern-Luno Field

The Edvard Grieg field (formerly Luno), is located in production licence PL 338, in the Utsira High area of the Norwegian North Sea.

Julimar Development Project

The Julimar development project (JDP) includes the development of the Julimar and Brunello natural gas fields.

Wingate Gas Field

Wingate is a shallow water gas field located in Block 44/24b of the British Continental Shelf in the southern North Sea.

Rosebank Oil and Gas Field, Shetland Islands

Rosebank oil and gas field is located offshore of the Shetland Islands, in the UK. It lies in blocks 213/26 and 213/27 of production licence 1026 in 1,100m (3,700ft) of water.