Scanmudring performed special trenching and dredging operations for BP Norway during the repair work on LOFS cables around Valhall offshore installation.

After completion of the dredging and trenching for this project, Scanmudring received this statement:

“In 2010 BP Norge performed an intervention to repair the seismic seabed system to significantly improve its functionality to be able to acquire the very critical reservoir information it delivers. The system consists of buried umbilical and seismic array cables with sensors connected to their respective distribution units.

“Because of an unsatisfactory dredger and trencher performance, it was decided to mobilise two new vessels – one in June and one in September both with the new dredging spread (Scanmachine) from Scanmudring. Finally the wanted system functionality was achieved. Without the Scanmachine this would not have been possible. In the last campaign it was also used as a trencher with great success.”