Delitek is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of different waste management solutions for the demanding maritime and offshore industry. Our headquarters is located in Norway and our products are distributed via a global network of highly experienced agents and distributors.

Our products are manufactured by our wholly-owned subsidiary Delitek Production. This gives us full control over the product design manufacturing process and enables us to react to specific customer requests with superior flexibility. We always seek the opportunity to develop the most suitable systems together with our customers, and have successfully done so for 20 years already!

Waste compactors, shredders, crushers and food waste systems

The Greenship product range consists of waste compactors, solid waste shredders, glass crushers, balers, oil-filter compactors, tin and bucket densifiers, drum compactors etc.

Different kinds of food waste systems – from small macerators to complete vacuum based systems with holding tanks – are also supplied via well-known marine suppliers / cooperation partners. The product range was expanded in 2012 to include MORTIM containerized waste management stations.

Only high quality standard components are used in the production of Delitek equipment.
Custom-built stainless steel frameworks for storing of garbage containers.
Waste compactor systems for rough, outdoor marine environments.
Robust and powerful equipment for long life and efficient waste processing.
Delitek’s product range was expanded in 2012 to include MORTIM containerized waste management stations.

Interchangeable waste containers for extreme volume reduction

The ability to interchange containers between different Delitek products is what makes our waste handling systems so versatile and effective. For example, a combination of a shredder and a garbage compactor will give a unique and flexible garbage treatment system for use onboard vessels and offshore installations.

Such a combination will enable further compaction of the shredded material, because both machines are equipped with the very same container. The result is an extreme volume reduction of different waste materials such as steel drums, plastic drums, cardboard, paper, plastic materials, wood crating, soda cans and PE soda bottles when compared to common methods.

Capacity, logistical advantages and flexibility

All Delitek products are suited for use with big-bags, which again means that there are no capacity limitations on the products. If a big-bag reaches maximum capacity it is simply just to seal it, replace it with a new one, and store it on board until it is ready for deployment. Our big-bag models are ideal for storage as they are equipped with an inner and outer sack with tying possibilities.

All Delitek products are in addition also equipped with wheeled waste containers. This is considered to be a major logistical advantage since the container always can be rolled to the nearest crane handling area / waste deployments station.

Wheeled waste containers also means that the equipment can be placed almost anywhere there is space available. This, in connection with stainless-steel execution (that supports both indoor and outdoor application), makes the system very flexible for use onboard vessels and offshore installations.

Easy-to-operate, plug-and-play products

It is not our aim to provide the most advanced and fancy equipment available on the market, but to develop the technology required to get the job done. Our main focus has always been to design equipment that is reliable, easy to operate by the crew and is economically viable for the owner.

Delitek products are made for the seaman who finally operates it. They are designed to make shipboard waste management easier for the crew by applying only some very basic processes to operate the products. The equipment is designed for plug-and-play installation and is easily installed by the vessel’s / rig’s / shipyard’s own personnel.

Special crew training, knowledge, tools and / or expensive commissioning services are not required for Delitek products.

Delitek products are especially suited and certified for use within the offshore industry

Our marine waste handling systems are installed onboard all kinds and sizes of vessels, as well as onboard all types of offshore installations stationed around the world. Many of our systems are installed outdoors, onboard ships and platforms serving under the most demanding offshore conditions, for example in the North Sea and on the Norwegian continental shelf. We deliver our products directly to shipyards, owners and operators of vessels or rigs.

Delitek products are manufactured in stainless-steel to ensure a corrosion free lifetime and low maintenance costs. All joints are either welded or screwed, rivets are not an option. But the fact that we already have sold several hundred systems to both the shipping and offshore industry, without receiving any major claims regarding their suitability and functionality for that purpose, should speak for itself.

All Delitek products are certified by DNV and conform to the most stringent requirements from the maritime and offshore industry. Delitek is also an approved supplier to the Central and Northern European oil and gas industry (includng offshore activities) via the Achilles and Connexio certificates.

MORTIM containerised waste management stations

MORTIM is a newly developed containerised waste management station, which is in line with the new MARPOL Annex 5 / IMO MEPC 201(62) regulations for waste handling on board vessels.

Depending on the amount of trash expected, MORTIM can be modular designed using containers 20ft-40ft in size. Each MORTIM container houses the necessary machines, such as trash compactors, trash shredders, bottle crushers, used oil-filters and can crushers, amongst others. The possibility for proper waste segregation has also been taken into consideration.

Please feel free to contact us for discussions regarding our marine waste handling systems, or use the form on this page to send us your business enquiry.